Karnataka – The hotspot for foreign students in India

Karnataka The hotspot for foreign students in India: The MHRD survey report for the year 2016 – 17 suggested that Karnataka has topped the list of the most preferred state in India, as far as the influx of foreign students is concerned with. The survey pointed out that a total number of 47,575 foreign students have chosen for higher studies in India. Out of this total number, 12,050 foreign students have enrolled in various colleges across Karnataka.

However, it must be added right here in that Karnataka has experienced a slight dip, if you compare the figure with that of the academic year, 2015 – 16. During the academic year, 14,348 students have landed in Karnataka for higher studies. It is Nepal, which has contributed the most, with the country contributing 23.6 percentage of the total students. Afghanistan and Bhutan occupied the third and fourth place respectively with 9.3 percentage and 4.8 percentage of the total number.

The MHRD survey report highlighted that students from as much 162 countries opted India as their higher education destination.

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