How to deal with a Mid Career Resume ?

How to deal with a Mid Career Resume ?: While preparing your first resume, you might not have paid enough attention in bringing the bets out from you. However, the case is a bit different, when preparing a mid career resume. A mid career resume can easily give way for your overconfidence – thanks to the bulk of experience which you have accumulated.

Speaking about mid career, you are can never afford playing with old school tricks. You are not expected to limit your resume to a single sheet, which might have been the case with your first resume. Here are some tips, while promoting yourself with a resume at this mid stage

1. First Job is important

During the course of preparing a mid career resume, it is quite important to mention your first job. However, the real part lies on the company to which you are going to apply at this mid stage of your career. If your first job happens to be with a different industry, then it is not necessary including the name in your mid career resume. We are not asking you to be a liar. But, since career switching might not be something which many employers encourage at a mid stage, it is better shunning the name from your list.

2. Skill Set is even important

Mainly include the skills, which you have acquired during the course of your career till date. That means, you are not expected to boast about knowledge over basic applications or software. Rather, you should make use of some keywords, which can project you ahead of the rest in the race of a highly skilled labour force. In addition to the technical expertise related to your career, give special emphasis to those of soft skills, which are quite important these days.

3. Educational Qualifications take a back seat behind Experience

It is not that your graduation or school days are no longer important, but they definitely take a backseat at this stage. Having flying colours with academics might impress your employer; but it is the kind of roles which you have handled later on, determine an entry to a mid career job. Once you have proven in your field, then educational qualifications doesn’t matter for most employers. However, we don’t recommend you for a complete deletion of the section from your resume, though it is not a big crime.

4. Language should sound professional

Well, you are sure to be well aware of the power of language. Having entered a mid stage of your career, you should have known the key words associated with your trade or industry. That should be the keynote address of your resume. Your mid career resume is expected to be a filtered one – to be filled in with only the best words, it is highly important that you get rid of candy words, which are usually found with a beginner’s resume.

Though it is your attitude, which determines your entry to a new career, resumes play an important part as well. Reached a mid stage of your career, you are well aware of it, right! At this stage, one is not expected to play gimmicks with his/her resume. So, bring the best out from you with the resume.

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