Career Trends 2018 At a Glance

As we have moved onto the year 2018, we are going to witness a whole lot of change as far as recruitment is concerned with. In order to face the ever challenging world of opportunities, you must be ready to cope with the changing environment. Here is a keynote to the changed set of patterns, which you should keep in mind, before getting into job hunt in 2018.

Career Trends: How to look in 2018

Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the hottest happening in the town right now. The unbelievable strides which the world has made in AI, has resulted in the recruitment process as well. While it is certain that a single vacancy – no matter how big or small it is – can invite thousands of applications from candidates. However, the presence of AI will odd out the candidates, who are not eligible for the job during the initial phase itself. That lands you up in a situation, wherein you should pay more attention in preparing resumes.

Augmented Reality

Well, Augmented Reality, which is been fondly called AR, is surely going to determine the way interview procedures are being conducted in the near future. While a number of companies have already started using the service of Virtual Reality, it will soon reflect in the way, which a Skype interview is being done these days. Also, keep this in mind – You are surely going to have a virtual tour of the place, in which you are going to work in the future.

Social Media

It is often said that your social background can play a big role in the way you handle a job. These days, recruiters stress for the need of knowing the social background of their candidates. It is not news at all that social media is something which exposes the attitude of people. Candidates should pay more attention in the manner, which they use social media accounts. Also, try to be more active in LinkedIn.


While freelancing is an age old concept, it hasn’t found much takers in India, albeit the fact that we have well covered a major part of the second decade of the 21st century. However, the trend has surely changed, if you take into account the way the word ‘freelancing’ was perceived in the last decade. Rather than choosing the long ones, it is the short contracts, which many candidates prefer these days. Also, the short contracts provide a scope for those who exhibit a diverse number of skills.


We should begin this point, from the last point of ‘Freelancing’ – Diversity. While into job hunting, bear this in mind – you are going to compete with a group of multi talented candidates. Making your presence felt across a wide range of skill sets, will surely ensure you more mileage, while into a new career.  More number of skills means more number of opportunities.

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